Palm Oil

We use palm oil as a processing aid in order to help the breadcrumbs and seasoning in our Meat Free Lincolnshire Sausage Mix and Falafel Mix bind together.

Palm oil has become a popularly used vegetable oil in not only foods but also in soaps, cosmetics and fuels.  One of the many reasons it is widely used is that it produces at between 4 -10 times more oil than other vegetables.

Removing palm oil from products would be a very short term solution to improving the social and ethical issues associated with its use. The palm oil would be replaced by other vegetable oils that would require much larger amounts land to grow the same quantity. This would create similar issues but potentially of a greater magnitude than seen with the use of palm oil.

As a responsible manufacturer we recognise this and by choosing this Granose product you are sure that it contains RSPO certified palm oil. The use of certified sustainable palm oil through the RSPO will help support their global aim of making sustainable palm oil the norm.


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